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Past Events

November 7 2013 Event

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We're very happy to be able to offer a special presentation by Jen Kramer, talking about Responsive Web Design Frameworks.


Responsive Web Design (RWD) is now ‘essential’ for any web site. But which of the two most popular RWD frameworks, Bootstrap or Foundation, is right for your project?

Join Jen Kramer for an overview and comparison of the Twitter Bootstrap and Zurb Foundation RWD Frameworks.


For more than a dozen years, Jen Kramer has been educating clients, colleagues, friends and graduate students about the meaning of a "quality website."

Since 2000, she has built websites that are supportive of business and marketing goals in a freelance capacity and as part of an agency.

Jen is a author with fifteen published titles, including the popular "Up and Running with Foundation", "Up and Running with Bootstrap", and "Joomla 3 Essential Training".

Jen is currently writing her third book, "Sams Teach Yourself Bootstrap in 24 Hours", to be published by Pearson. She has written two books published by Wrox Press (a division of Wiley), "Joomla! Start to Finish: How to Plan, Execute, and Maintain Your Web Site" and "Joomla 24-Hour Trainer."



Here's a little peak at our previous workshop in October, with Bob Bloom talking about eCommerce.  Bob as always gave a lively presentation, and everyone there will be sure to remember his advice to start at the end of the transaction, and work forward.

Bob Bloom eCommerce Workshop

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October Events

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October Activities

October 2013 Night Out

Here we are in October already, and more events are happening soon.

October 16th is our next Night Out, back at the Duke of York near Bloor and Avenue Road.

Our October event, Bob Bloom's presentation on eCommerce will be October 22nd in Committee Room 2 at the North York Civic Centre.

As always, these events are the best value in town (Free!) - although you are responsible for your own tab at the Duke.

Please sign up here, or on the JUGT group on Meetup - we won't insist that you sign up, but we would like to know that you're coming along


Last Month

For a quick look back at September, here's a picture of the well attended presentation that Sheldon Seale gave on "My First Joomal! Site".  Sheldon was nice enough to suggest he may give a repeat of this presentation, after Joomla! 3.5 is released.

My First Joomla! Event 2013/09/17

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July 2013 Events

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July 2013 Events

July 17 2013 at The Frog

July saw our usual calendar of events - a Night Out at The Frog (formerly known as The Frog and Firkin), and a presentation by Niv Froelich on LESS.

The Frog offered again a good venue for a discussion of people's recent activities - and showed that we hadn't all been washed away in the Great Deluge of 2013.



The week following, Niv continued on from his presentation of the previous month about the Bootstrap Framework to discuss the features of LESS, which Bootstrap is built on top of.

23 July 2013 LESS presentation

23 July 2013 LESS event

More awaits you at our August events and in the months to come

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LESS Event

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LESS Demystified with Niv Froehlich

Want to learn a better way to work with CSS? This free workshop introduces participants to LESS including how you can streamline your CSS workflow by using variables, mixins, nested rules and other features to tame your CSS. This workshop will also include a quick overview of free open-source tools for working with LESS, including how to install and use Aptana Studio 3.0 and SimpLESS - two great tools for working with LESS. Some basic HTML and CSS knowledge is presumed. This workshop will also include an overview of working with Bootstrap and LESS.

Check out the event Page to register and get more Info!!

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Twitter Bootstrap 101 Event

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Introduction to Bootstrap for Responsive Web Design
with Niv Froehlich

Our June event was the first at a new venue - the Committee Rooms at North York Civic Centre.  Niv gave an information packed presentation on Bootstrap, and despite the longer time we'd allocated for event still ran out of time.  Part of Bootstrap is LESS, kind of a super CSS, that Niv will be talking about in the July event.  For the moment, LESS directives need to be compiled into CSS directives, but in the future will be supported directly by browsers, just as CSS is today.

The North York Civic Centre location (formerly the North York City Hall) was considered a good choice for the event, and future events.  Attendance was good, but there was room for plenty more.  It looks like NYCC will be our event location for the forseeable future, offering a good meeting room, options for growth, ready access to the Yonge Subway line, close to the 401 for the drivers, and plenty of amenities nearby for after meeting re-hashes.

Come on out and join the crowd for future events.



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