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September 2015 Workshop

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September Workshop

North York Civic Centre
Committee Room #4
Tuesday, September 29, 2015
7:00PM to 9:00PM

Free, Permanent Joomla! Hosted Websites
& Sheldon's Tips and Tricks

September will see us back at the North York Civic Centre, where we'll be looking at what you get with, what you don't get with, and how do you get, the new free permanent hosted Joomla! websites at  Doug Pickett will be presenting this, so if you're a Joomla! beginner and want to experiment, or just want a personal web site, or for whatever reason, he'll give you the "How To" on this great option that Open Source Matters has arranged for Joomla! users everywhere.

Sheldon Seale will give one of his insightful presentations on Tips and Tricks to make your web sites even better.  He's going to talk about adjusting the Protostar template to make it fill up more of the screen by adjusting the 960 pixel width model that it uses.  The 960 pixel limit was a good compromise when your CRT screen was 1024x768 pixels, but can leave an empty wasteland at the side of your screen with a wide-format layout.  Sheldon will show you how to make use of that available space.

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North York Civic Centre
Committee Room #4
5100 Yonge St.
Toronto, ON
M2N 5W4

North York Civic Centre is located on the west side of Mel Lastman Square.  Please note: this is the former North York City Hall, which is the building next to the North York Central Library.
By Subway: Exit at North York City Centre and walk west.
By Car: Paid parking is located on Beecroft Ave. (one street west of Yonge) to the west of Mel Lastman Square and just south of Park Home.

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