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JUGT's Downtown Pub Night, April Edition

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The JUGT's April Pub Night was one of our best attended social events! Lots of familiar faces graced us with their presence as well as brand new faces too.

We are always happy to welcome new users, developers, and designers who join our events. The more the merrier and due to the high number of attendees the conversation was diverse and covered many Joomla! Topics as well as some business related topics since a great number of our users are self-employed consultants/developers/designers.

Some of these topics were: the Tienda release, templating for Joomla!, backing up sites, SEO, which template suppliers are best, a variety of extensions, what's in 1.6, differences between Wordpress / Joomla! / Drupal, and more.

We were so busy chatting away that we forgot to have a picture taken with all the participants but they were: Bob Bloom, Bilal Dar, Monica Cho, Gary Cookson, Suresh Doss, Gilles Gagnon, Vic Garbutt, Alan Langford, Stephen Sillett, Flavia Silveira, Tiago Roffé de Vasconcelos (and wife Maria Carolina).

We had a blast as usual and hope that you will join us next month for another instance of our Pub Nights.


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